Circulating Textile Waste into Value

The European textile and clothing industry is a strategic pillar of the European economy with 197.000 companies and employing 1.300.000 people, it has a turnover of €170 billion and exports amount to €64 billion.

By the end of 2024, Europe will face the challenge to compulsory separate the collection of textile waste.

As it stands, there is no large scale plan across Europe to reuse and recycle the current 7.5 million tons of textile waste. To remain competitive, the industry is undergoing a deep transformation towards circularity and sustainability.

To support this transition, ReHubs is a partnership based collaboration hub working to industrially scale up the collecting, sorting, processing and recycling of textile waste in Europe. 

Our mission is to reach 2.5 million tons recycled textile waste in Europe by 2030. 

Our Partners.

Our partners are organisations with a genuine interest and readiness to invest in textile waste recycling in Europe.