About ReHubs.

ReHubs is a partnership based collaboration hub for textile recycling in Europe. 

We are an international non-profit organisation and our goal is to set up a synergetic collective based on recycling hubs to industrially scale up the collecting, sorting, processing and recycling of textile waste. 

Our mission is to reach
2.5 million tons 
recycled textile waste
in Europe by 2030. 

Key Figures for the Circular Value Chain

7.5 million tons 
of textile waste is generated in the EU in 2022

2.5 million tons
of textile waste is currently collected in Europe

4.5 million tons 
of discarded textiles could be collected by 2030

There is potential scaling

 from 1% fibre-to-fibre recycled in 2020

t0 18% in 2030

The textile value chain for recycling is not yet mature. 
To transition from a linear to a circular textile value chain, five key parts of this value chain must be matured and scaled up:

→ collection

→ sorting for reuse

→ sorting for recycling

→ pre-processing

→ recycling

In addition, it is an opportunity for near-shoring and resources autonomy.

Our Approach

ReHubs coordinates collaboration and activates capacity and knowledge projects.

Capacity Projects

Capacity Project refers to an actionable business plan to generate a new capacity to turn textiles waste into value including: collection, sorting for reuse, sorting for recycling, pre-processing, recycling and other activities necessary to recycle textile waste.

Benefits for the Future

→ Recycling at Industrial Level
→ Quality Secondary Raw Materials
→ Cost Reduction
→ Circular Design
→ Digital Market Place

Knowledge Projects

Knowledge Project refers to studies to generate knowledge which is critical to turn textile waste into value including: industry knowledge or tools, studies on feedstock and product category developments and ESG impact assessments. 

→ Setting a Global Example of Valuing Textile Waste
→ Creation of Know-How Platform
→ Guide SMEs to Circularity
→ Compliance with EU Green Deal
→ Circular Textile Value Chain  

Our Partners. 

Our partners are organisations with a genuine interest and readiness to invest in textile waste recycling in Europe. 

"I am thrilled to be part of this alliance, I consider it a privilege to work alongside the leaders of industry and fashion that are joining ReHubs, building tomorrow's circular textile industry together."

Chris Deloof, Executive Director of ReHubs