Our Valued Partners

At ReHubs, collaboration is at the heart of what we do. 

We are a partnership-based collaboration hub focused on advancing textile recycling in Europe and we value every member of our community, recognising their critical role in the textile value chain. As ReHubs continues to grow, our partners are industrial operators and commercial businesses with a genuine interest and readiness to invest in textile waste recycling efforts across Europe.

As Rehubs continues to grow, stay tuned for new partnership announcements. 

What Our Partners Are Saying!

'ReHubs is the industry's response to the EU Sustainable Textile Strategy; creating a new circular value chain in the textiles ecosystem, and turning our "waste problem" into an opportunity.'

'Circular Economy will only succeed if we all collaborate. ReHubs is creating the platform that facilitates the interactions between sorters, pre-processors, recyclers and brands.'

'React Sustains, the sustainability program of NGO React, aims to recycle all seized counterfeit textiles in Europe, greatly bolstered by their new partnership with ReHubs.'

'As a high-value, textile-to-textile recycler, Recover™ is dedicated to catalyzing the transition to a circular fashion system. Our involvement in the ReHubs initiative underscores our commitment to collaborative efforts that bring together essential stakeholders, amplifying the impact of our recycling endeavours.'

'TEXAID is proud to have been involved with ReHubs from the outset. We highly value collaborative efforts, as only together we can make a significant impact. As a leading circular service specialist, we are committed to particularly addressing the sorting bottleneck, a crucial aspect of textile circularity in Europe.'

'Ratti spa Società Benefit is an Italian Fashion Textile Company focused on design, sustainability, innovation and circularity. We are proud to be a member of ReHubs as we are committed as a producer to the development of a circular textile system aligned to the requirements of the market and the characteristics of the materials.' 

'We believe mechanical textile-to-textile recycling is an important part of a more circular textile industry. We are excited to join ReHubs because we can achieve greater results when we all are collaborating and working towards the same goals.'

'As Koza Polyester, we attach importance to sustainability, resource efficiency, and effectiveness for a healthy world, and in this direction, we prioritize utilizing waste to reduce natural resource consumption and revealing the power of the circular economy in every product with our creative solutions.'

'We are actively participating in the transformation of the European textile & fashion industry towards sustainability.'

'Reju, a company which is working to unlock the regeneration of PET and rejuvenation of textile at unprecedented speed and scale, will work with ReHubs to build a comprehensive recycling value chain and accelerate the textile industry's course to positive change.'

'ReHubs and Refashion collaborate to foster a textile and footwear industry that is less environmentally impactful and more circular, advocating for enhanced production, consumption, reuse, and recycling processes that engage all sector stakeholders.'

'As one of Europe's leading fashion groups, Mango commits to ReHubs to advance in the journey the fashion industry has to make to achieve a more just society and to reduce its environmental and social impact. As part of our sustainability strategy, we commit to the use of more sustainable and recycled materials, as well as moving forward in the implementation of circular design.'

'Promoted by Sistema Moda Italia and the Italian Textile Foundation, Retex.Green is the Italian EPR Consortium reference for all players in the textile/fashion world. Retex.Green offers its members the optimized management of pre- and post-consumer waste from textile, clothing, footwear and leather goods, through a fully tracked and qualified supply chain that ensures thorough transparency. It stays one step ahead of the regulations and acts as a partner, already operational, for scalable and measurable circularity, full traceability and strong brand protection.'

'At Rester we are passionate about enabling a circular textile business for companies that produce end-of-life textiles, as well as companies that can utilise recycled fiber in their production. We believe that the good we do today is shaping a better tomorrow. The more recyclable fibers are used in the textile production, the less demand for virgin materials. This frees up natural resources, like land and water, for future needs, offering a lighter environmental footprint. It's a win for both people and the planet!'

'As part of its sustainability strategy and efforts to develop a more circular business model, Decathlon is focusing on recycling. Our vision? 'Today's textiles are tomorrow's materials.' We strongly believe in ReHubs and its members to accelerate textile recycling in Europe.'

'We at TexCycle believe that one of the foundations of achieving the transition to a circular textile industry in Europe is the common approach and the close collaboration between the different players in the field.'

About Joining ReHubs

At ReHubs, we are always open for new partnerships to advance textile waste recycling in Europe. 

ReHubs welcomes partners who share our genuine interest in investing in this mission. Whether it's sorting, collection, textile recycling, provision of technologies and machinery, chemicals, textile manufacturing, design, production, retail sales of textile products, or investment, ReHubs is open to collaborate with you. 

If you have questions or wish to become a partner of ReHubs please submit an expression of interest.